Victoria Memorial – The Glory Of Kolkata

Victoria Memorial of kolkata, heritage of kolkata, calcutta victoria Memorial
The Victoria Memorial Hall at the Maidan near the Racecourse in Calcutta. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

India’s largest and one of its oldest museums, located in the heart of the “City Of Joy” Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) which is none other than “Victoria Memorial”. If you want to get the taste of ancient royal architectural works then Victoria Memorial is the perfect destination for you.  After the death of Queen Victoria on January 22, 1901, the Viceroy Of India, George Curzon decided to build this magnificent memorial on her memory. The Victoria Memorial was built-in between 1906 and 1921.

The Victoria Memorial looks attractive on a moonlit night when it spreads its beauty and charm all around with the Angel of Victory standing at its top rotating with the flow of wind.

Victoria, Victoria memorial, Kolkata, Calcutta Victoria Memorial
The Black Bronze Statue where Queen Victoria is sitting on the Bronze Throne in the front of Victoria Memorial Palace.

At the entrance of Victoria Memorial first thing, you will notice that the two lion statues, erected on both sides of the black front gate facing towards each other and they denote the ancient supreme royalty. After entering, the beautiful bronze made statue of Queen Victoria will mesmerize you. The statue is sitting on a bronze made throne. The whole path heading towards the memorial building is fully covered with pebbles of different sizes. Walking on those pebbles will give you some childhood feelings. The beautiful lush green gardens and a lake surround the enormous monument.

Victoria Memorial, Victoria Memorial of kolkata, heritage of kolkata, calcutta victoria Memorial
The Great Victoria Memorial.

Note: Two photographs of Victoria Memorial credits The History Hub.

The monument perfectly personifies its beauty and elegance. There are 25 galleries inside the palace including royal gallery, sculpture gallery, and the Calcutta gallery. The galleries not only display paintings, photographs, manuscripts, possessions, artifacts, but also the weapons, textiles, coins, stamps, statues, rare of Queen Victoria and lots more. The Royal Gallery is the storehouse of oil paintings of Queen Victoria. She received the sacrament at her coronation in the Westminster Abbey in June 1838. Additionally National Leader’s Library also consists many portraits mostly by Atul Basu and Langhammer.

Victoria Memorial of kolkata, heritage of kolkata, calcutta victoria Memorial
The marvelous white bronze made Statue of Queen Victoria. [Picture Credit:]

Architecture Of Victoria Memorial :

The grand and exquisite palace is designed in Indo Saracenic Revivalist architectural style and made of Makrana Marble. 

Victoria Memorial, Calcutta Victoria Memorial , Motherhood, Fairy of Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, Heritage of Kolkata
The Allegorical Sculptures Of Motherhood Surround The Fairy Dome.

“Angel Of Victory” of Victoria Memorial

At the top of this marvelous building an angel made of black bronze known as the “Angel Of Victory” is standing with a bugle in her hand heading towards the sky. The specialty of this angel is that it goes revolving along the direction of the wind.

After completing the inside exploration, during your exit from the back door of Victoria Memorial Palace, you can see the Edward VII memorial archFurthermore, the arch is a bronze equestrian statue of Edward VII by Bertram Mackennal and a marble statue of Curzon by Frederic William Pomeroy.

Let’s walk in the beautiful lush green gardens that surround the palace. They are a perfect place for relaxation, having a short picnic and also for playing different games. Additionally, Victoria Memorial provides you the best place to shot time-lapse videos. Moreover, you can also take photographs with an amazing background.

Victoria Memorial is also a great place for Bird Photography. Moreover, if you visit Victoria Memorial during winter you can come across different migratory colorful birds around the lake.

Victoria Memorial, Victoria Memorial of kolkata, heritage of kolkata, calcutta victoria Memorial
This Bronze Panel originally executed by Sir Goscombe John R.A. for the pedestal of the statue of the Late Earl of Minto Viceroy & Governor General of India (1905-1910) was presented to the trustees of the Victoria Memorial Hall by the Dowager Countess of Minto.


  • Before the construction of Victoria Memorial, the place housed Presidency Jail. The Presidency Jail is now at Alipore.
  • The Indians donated funds for the construction of Grand Victoria Memorial, additionally, the British Government also donated an amount for the construction.


1, Queen’s Way, Kolkata- 700071.

Nearest Metro Station: Maidan

Just 10 minutes walk from Maidan Metro Station. Additionally, you can book a cab.


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