Gopalpur On Sea – Ravishing Weekend Destination

Gopalpur On Sea – Ravishing Weekend Destination

Short weekend trips give us so relaxation from our busy lives. Isn’t it? And when we plan for such trips, the names which came into our mind are Digha or Mandarmani and to some extent Puri sea beach. Enjoying amidst nature becomes so mandatory in our stressful life. We really get bored of our daily routine schedule and need a place where we can enjoy the peace of nature. So this time we decided to explore Gopalpur On Sea – Ravishing Weekend Destination. It is 174km far from Puri, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Gopalpur On Sea - Ravishing Weekend Destination, Must visit place in Odisha
Gopalpur Sea Beach – Waves carrying back sands

This is the place where anyone hardly disturbs you and all that you can hear the rhythmic music of the waves coming to and fro. You can feel the untouched natural beauty.

Gopalpur is a town on the coast of Bay of Bengal in the district of Ganjam, Odisha. Earlier Gopalpur was famous as the port of Paloura during the reign of Kalinga.

Furthermore, from this port, traders sailed their ships as far as Bali, Singapore and the eastern countries for enhancing the silk and pearl business. Moreover, it was also a dominating port during British Rule and that’s why even today we can witness different structures of the colonial era. Gopalpur On Sea – Ravishing Weekend Destination

Our Day (1) Tour Plan:

According to our plan, we booked our train ticket up to Brahmapur, famous for the silk saree and dresses. By reaching the Brahmapur station, we took an auto and headed towards our hotel. The road was not so good within the town but the highways, outside the town, was very smooth and clean. It took about 30mins to reach the Sea Pearl Hotel, located on the beach.

Gopalpur On Sea - Ravishing Weekend Destination, Must visit place in Odisha
Captured from our hotel’s open balcony

The enchantingly named Gopalpur-on-Sea is a sequestering picturesque seaside urban in a calm part of the Indian coastal state of Odisha.
After reaching the hotel, we dumped our luggage bags in the waiting room and took a walk on the beach. Unlike other beaches, this one was so quiet and had a raw beach.
After this, we freshened up ourselves and had our lunch. If you are a foodie, you will get lots of mouth-watering dishes, especially on crabs, prawns and sea fishes in Gopalpur.
In between our story, additionally, let us give a small description about the hotel.

Hotel Sea Pearl:

No doubt the location of the hotel is superb, right on the beach. It has a big sea facing lawn and also has a direct access to the beach from the lawn. The rooms are clean and good. Staffs are also friendly but the taste of the foods they serve was not up to the mark.

From the hotel, you can arrange your one day trip to Daringbadi, the Kashmir Of Odisha.

So coming back to our story, we booked our stay for two days. In the afternoon we decided to explore the beach from one end to other. We took off our slippers and carried it by our hand. We started walking along the shore. The waves gently lull on the sandy shore, slowly breaking then receding, always gracefully touching our bare toes. Small red crabs were playing all over the beach, some were busy collecting their foods and when the waves came forward they were hiding themselves in the holes in the sand.

Gopalpur On Sea - Ravishing Weekend Destination, Must visit place in Odisha
Little red crab coming out from its home below the sand

We continued our walk and noticed an old ruined castle at one end of the beach. We don’t know the exact story behind this castle. If anybody wants to share please let us know in the comment box.

Gopalpur On Sea - Ravishing Weekend Destination, Must visit place in Odisha
Old ruined castle at one end of the beach


Gopalpur On Sea - Ravishing Weekend Destination, Must visit place in Odisha

Additionally, just in front of the collapsed castle, there was a lighthouse, from where you can see the vast unending sea continuously crafted rolling waves. The waves were coming to and fro and blend at the point where sky gets mingled with the sea. The gentle breeze was blowing and made us feel the eternal beauty of nature. The Lighthouse opens at 3:30 pm and you can stay there until 5:30 pm.

In the evening very few stalls were open on the beach and it feels very pleasant to sit on the sand and swing your head along with the harmony of the waves.


Day (2) morning was a mesmerizing one :

Our 2nd day started at 4 am with the mesmerizing sunrise along the Shore of Gopalpur Sea. We rose up early and made our way towards the big balcony of the hotel. The sun was just peeping through the cloudy sky. We were overwhelmed to see the first ray of the sun falling on the sea and made the reddish watercolor. We cherished the beauty and took some good photographs to capture the moment in our album. Furthermore, the fishermen had already started their daily activities and ready to sail their boats with a hope to catch fishes.

Gopalpur On Sea - Ravishing Weekend Destination, Must visit place in Odisha
Eagle in search of his food

Soon after we took our breakfast and as per our preplan we get to set our journey towards Daringbadi, Kashmir of Odisha.

Don’t forget to read the blog on Daringbadi along with Gopalpur On Sea – Ravishing Weekend Destination

Hotels in Gopalpur near sea beach:

  • Mayfair hotel Gopalpur
  • Oberoi palm beach resort Gopalpur
  • Hotel sea hawk

How to reach:

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar and one can hire a car or auto to reach Gopalpur
The nearest railway station is Brahmapur earlier known as Berhampur (Station Code “BAM”). Gopalpur On Sea – Ravishing Weekend Destination


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