Nandan-Kolkata’s Cultural Hub

Nandan-Kolkata’s Cultural Hub

Kolkata… The cultural capital of India. It is the city where the first film society was formed. Nandan is located in “Centre of Attraction” of Kolkata in the Rabindra Sadan Area. It is the film and cultural hub in Kolkata under the West Bengal Government. Nandan-Kolkata’s Cultural Hub promotes the cinematic knowledge and awareness among the society. 

Nandan-Kolkata's Cultural Hub, Must visit place in Kolkata
Nandan Hall – West Bengal Film Centre

Kolkatans are cinema enthusiasts in the true sense and Nandan is the place where you can buy tickets at the cheapest price of Rs.30, Rs.50 and Rs.70. So what are you waiting for? If you are a true lover of films and if you want to get lost in the fascinating world of cinema then grab your tickets and watch a film. The interior of the hall is in one word superb. It’s fully airconditioned with Digital Dolby Sound. There are 3 Auditoriums in Nandan. The 1st hall has a seating capacity of 931 people, the 2nd hall has a seating capacity of 200 people and the 3rd hall, built up after few years has a seating capacity of 100 people.


Now let’s talk about its history. In the year 1980, Buddhadev Bhattacharya, the former Chief Minister of Kolkata laid the foundation stone for the first time. Architect Amitabha Sengupta constructed the building in a splendid modern architectural style. Nandan was inaugurated by the greatest filmmaker of the 20th century, Satyajit Ray. Not only that, Satyajit Ray also designed the famous logo of Nandan on its building.

Special Attractions :

The Kolkata International Film Festival (the Annual Film Festival organized by West Bengal Film Centre), held every year during November. 

Nandan also featured the best Children and Youth Films, Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, Telefilms from all over the world. The films always provide English subtitles. At this time there is an entry fee to the Nandan premises.

The Little Magazine Festival organized by the Paschimbanga Bangla Akademi, held here since the year 2001.

Nandan-Kolkata's Cultural Hub, Must visit place in Kolkata
Rabindra Sadan Hall

The Children Film Festival, also held here featuring the topmost children movies from all over the world which children will definitely enjoy.

Additionally, the Social Communication Film Festival in collaboration with Roopkala Kendra, organized here every year.

The Nandan Hall, crowded mainly by intellectual people. Nandan is the main center of theatre and art galleries

Furthermore, Memorial lectures, Special Programmes, and Short Movie Festivals held on a daily basis.

Nandan-Kolkata's Cultural Hub, Must visit place in Kolkata
The life portrait of Rabindranath Tagore

Nandan, also the major center of Art Films and the only hall in Kolkata where Art Films get featured.

Regularly arranged Cultural Events makes it the prime core of cultural attraction.

Nandan-Kolkata's Cultural Hub, Must visit place in Kolkata
Beautiful sculpture on a tree log

The premises surrounding the hall is too soothing and pleasant where you can hang out with your friends & families to chill out. The programs held here will entertain you. You can also have some snacks from the snack stalls over here and enjoy your food with the cultural environment.

Nandan is not only open to the cinematic public but if you are a student of Film and Studies then Nandan is ready to guide you. Nandan has a library of its own with rare collections of cinematic books and journals. It will provide you the best for cinematic studies as well as research works.

Nandan is the best place to grow your cultural interest and it will definitely enrich your eternal love for movies.

Visiting Kolkata without Nandan will turn out meaningless. If you are in Nandan, you can get the essence of real Bengal culture.

Moreover the “Nandan Committee”, headed by one of the topmost Film Director of Bengal, Sandip Ray ( son of Satyajit Ray). The committee consists of eminent personalities from the world of Bengali Films including Aparna Sen, Prabhat Ray, Ranjit Mallick etc.

Sisir Mancha and Academy of Fine Arts, just situated beside Nandan where you can explore to the world of art. Here exhibitions take place frequently. You can also relax and walk in the greenery of Mohor Kunja Park just opposite to Nandan.

Birla Planetarium, a 5-minute walk from Nandan, so you can also visit there and watch the shows of stars and planets.


1/1, Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata- 700020.
Nearest metro station: Rabindra Sadan metro station. 2 minutes walk from the station.
Buses and cabs available.

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