Vizag Diaries (Day 4)(Matsyadarshini Aquarium & Visakha Museum)

Vizag Diaries (Day 4)

Each time when we are travelling,the experience becomes a diary for us–so we named it as Our Vizag Diaries (Day 4) (Matsyadarshini Aquarium & Visakha Museum).

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2 tankers placed face to face in the garden

After the amazing journey of the Vizag-Araku tour, we had only 1 day left in our hand. So there is no meaning of wasting the day inside the hotel room. Though we all were tired enough after completing whole day tour on day 2 and Vizag-Araku tour on day 3. Still our feet dragged us for exploring more new places of vizag. So we made a small enquire at the hotel travel desk and we get to know about a great aquarium named Matsyadarshini Aquarium and a museum named Visakha Museum. So let’s go for exploring. We dressed up quickly and rent 2 autos and started our journey.

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A Beautiful Morning At Rushikonda Beach,Vizag

RUSHIKONDA BEACH – Land of waves hugging hills

Vizag, Visakhapatnam,Rushikonda Beach,Boat,Fishermen,Morning view of sea
View of Rushikonda Beach from hotel Balcony

Many of you might think why I gave the title “RUSHIKONDA BEACH – Lands of waves hugging hills”. Actually this is the first phrase came in my mind in the next morning when I stepped outside to my room balcony at around 5am with sleepy eyes and viewed the whole scenery in naked eyes. It gives a perfect retreat for eyes. A place where you can forget all the hustle and bustle of the city and just enjoy nature. Our lungs also feel pleased to have fresh air prevailing all around.

The silent verdant mountain and the roaring waving sea made a mesmerize beauty.

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