Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations

Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations

I know it’s been a time since I traveled to Rajasthan, but the memories of year-long travel (Rajasthan) are still vivid. Selecting a place and getting started with my Rajasthan travel was too much complex or ambiguous. The reason is Rajasthan itself. Rajasthan is full of mystery – from the royal culture and tradition to haunted cities and villages Rajasthan has always been a satisfaction for travelers. Also, from the untamed landscapes and national parks to the hot sandy desert Rajasthan has been an appealing destination. So today I cover on Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations.

Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations,Rajasthan Tour Photos, Must visit place in Rajasthan
Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations

That’s the reason, why I was a bit obscure in selecting the destination. Even more, I bought my own camera – Nikon and so I was looking to give it a try. Finally, I came up with a list of certain Rajasthan’s destinations which I’ve listed below. And with this blog, I’ll prove that these destinations are among the most photogenic destinations of Rajasthan.

Here I present my photographic tour to Rajasthan’s top destinations:


The capital city of Rajasthan – Jaipur, was my first destination to wander around and explore every nook-&-corner of the city. Jaipur, known as “The Pink City of India” as it is doused in appeasing terracotta pink. Truly speaking Jaipur is a world-class destination and traveling to such a destination can show you and your camera various contrasting colors of Jaipur.

Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations,Rajasthan Tour Photos, Must visit place in Rajasthan
Royal Jaipur through my eyes

I traveled to Jaipur in April month last year. It was hot there in Jaipur but the passion to travel and do the photography was too high. I wanted to give my photography a whole new dimension. This was the reason my I spend 7 days in Jaipur and that too in the summer.

Here is a list of few tantalizing things to do in Jaipur:

  • Visit some extravagant examples of Mughal and Hindi architecture – Amer Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort.
  • Make your trip religious with Birla temple, Govind-dev temple, Iscon temple, Galta Mata temple.
  • Wander around beautiful gardens and museums.
  • Taste some of the best Rajasthani cuisines on the streets and restaurants.
  • Stop and shop at some of the remarkable shopping streets – Johri Bazaar, Chauda Rasta, Tripolia Bazaar, Nehru market etc.
  • Additionally, Jaipur is also famous for its kits festival which happens in January.


I had always thought of visiting Jaisalmer and this dream came true in last December. The main reason for visiting Jaisalmer was to experience the Sand dunes, camel ride and photograph every moment. I think this is what we all thought of while thinking of Jaisalmer.

Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations,Rajasthan Tour Photos, Must visit place in Rajasthan
Spent a night in Sam desert, Jaisalmer

Moreover, talking about the Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer was established by a Rajput king – Maharaja Jaisal Singh in 1156 AD. Jaisalmer, also known as “The golden city of India” because of its golden/yellow architecture. The city is also considered as one of the world heritage sites.

Therefore, here is the list of major activities which one can do in and around Jaisalmer:

  • Ride to the shifting “Sam Sand Dunes” and spend a night under the stars.
  • Experience visiting the “Living Fort of India – Jaisalmer fort”.
  • Visit luxurious and magnificent Havelis like Patwao ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli.
  • Boat and click special moments in Gadisar lake.
  • Other activities include: watching cultural programs, camel ride, parasailing etc.

Mount Abu:

Mount Abu – the sole hill station of Rajasthan was my first destination to visit. It is located in Sirohi district, Rajasthan and at about 1200m above sea level. However, what makes Mount Abu a sole hill station of Rajasthan is the beautiful green Aravali mountain range. This hill station provides some of the most picturesque views of mountains and landscapes and of lakes and religious sites. That’s what makes Mount Abu a photogenic destination. Also, that is the reason why it has always been a top bucket-list destination for travelers.

Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations,Rajasthan Tour Photos, Must visit place in Rajasthan
Best of Mount Abu

Things to look around in Mount Abu:-

  • Nakki Lake
  • Guru Shikhar
  • Sunset point
  • Wildlife sanctuary
  • Dilwara Jain temple
  • Adhar Devi temple


Just like Jaisalmer is located on the Thar Desert, Udaipur is located on Aravali mountains. Contrasting nature isn’t it!!! Yes, Udaipur is one of the most picturesque cities of Rajasthan or I can say of India. The city is known by various synonyms like “The city of Lakes”, “the Venice of East” and “the tryst of modernity”.

Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations,Rajasthan Tour Photos, Must visit place in Rajasthan
Best lake views of Udaipur

Udaipur lushes with green valleys, glittering lakes, and royal Rajputana palaces. The old architecture of forts and palaces are simply the marvels of Udaipur. The city, also blessed with a lot of shrine spots which makes Udaipur a spiritual destination as well. All these things have presented a stage for me to click every aspect of Udaipur.

Here is the list of top things one can do in Udaipur:

  • Spend some quality time in relaxing yourself at the ghats of Gangaur and Ambrai ghat.
  • Boat at Lake Pichola, Dooddh Talai and Fateh Sagar Lake and capture the beauty of nature around them.
  • Visit the royal culture of Udaipur at City Palace, Moti Magri, Monsoon Palace, and many more.
  • For achieving a peaceful mind, visit Jagdish temple, Karni Mata temple, Mahakaleswar temple and Lakshmi Mata temple.

Here are some of my favorite clicks…

Kota – Indergarh Mata and Chauth Mata temples:

Certainly, Kota is known as the Coaching hub of India. And whenever we talk about engineering and medical entrance examination, the name Kota comes first. However, besides coaching institutes, I think most of us didn’t know that Kota can also be considered as a travel destination. Yes, Kota has a few off-beat destinations as well which one can consider for a short excursion. These are Chauth Mata temple (130 km from Kota) and Indargarh Mata temple (85 km from Kota).

Both the temples are sacred Hindu temples and are situated on the top of the mountains. In order to reach up to the temple, there are hundreds of steps. And when you reach at the top, you will feel the freshness and calmness in the air. Moreover, both the temple provides the best scenes of nearby landscapes. Have a look at these pictures.

Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming Destinations,Rajasthan Tour Photos, Must visit place in Rajasthan
Indergarh Mata and Chauth Mata

So, these are some of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan where you can experience the contrasting colors of both the natural wonders and the man-made wonders. I know there are many more places in Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Bikaner, Sariska, Ranthambore etc which are Instagramming sites as well.

Maybe in some other post, I’ll share those as well. But till then I recommend you to visit these sites and explore what I explore. I guarantee, Rajasthan will not disappoint you. Hence, I’ll finally like to end this post “Rajasthan’s top 5 Instagramming destinations”.

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