Rabindra Sarobar Lake – “Lungs Of Kolkata”

Rabindra Sarobar Lake

Popular as the “Lungs Of Kolkata” lies in the southern part of Kolkata. Previously it was called “Dhakuria Lake” but later on it was named “Rabindra Sarobar Lake” in honor of Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Rabindra Sarabor Lake, Kolkata
View of Rabindra Sarabor Lake

Rabindra Sarobar, an artificial man-made lake. Previously when the whole area around 192 acres of land, covered with marshy forests, Calcutta Improvement Trust took the decision to clear it in the year 1920. By May 1958, they constructed “Dhakuria Lake”, where 73 acres was filled with the artificial lake and the other part was covered by shrubs, plants and trees.

Rabindra Sarabor Lake, Kolkata
View of lake during Sunset

The mesmerizing and fascinating beauty of the lake hypnotizes the visitors. It is the space for their recreation and entertainment.

It’s the best place for photography for nature photographers.
Rabindra Sarabor Lake, Kolkata

The nature lovers amidst the fresh air and lush greens can spend the best times with their closed ones. The eternal beauty of the flora and gardens surrounding the lake is totally breathtaking. The plants and trees surrounding the lake are more than 100 years old.

Rabindra Sarabor Lake, Kolkata
Rabindra Sarabor Lake

The wide lake with infinite varieties of fishes swimming will certainly entertain you. The lake was once a vital zone for migratory birds. But nowadays the number of birds have eventually decreased due to pollution. Still, you would find few of them, especially during winters. It is a major point of an ecological and socio-cultural reserve.

The park surrounding the lake, well maintained with pebbled walkways, seasonal flowers, wild grass and ornamental shrubs. It is well known as the “Jogger’s Hub” and for the fitness addicts.

The park is crowded with people busy in jogging, doing morning walks or evening walks, running, skipping, exercising either in the early morning or during sunsets. The shades of the trees, the cool breeze, smell of the shrubs, chirps of the birds give them full energy to stay fit.

Rabindra Sarabor Lake, Kolkata
Beautiful Sculpture

There are benches under the shades of the trees or facing the lake where you can relax and enjoy the natural charismatic beauty.

You will notice many hawkers inside the complex selling tea or coffee, nuts, jhal muri etc. So grab your favorite food with a cup of coffee or tea. Have a great time with your closed ones.

The complex renovated some days back. Many billiard lights, feature lights, set up at the edge of the lake so that the lake glows in the dark and it will also help the visitors to enjoy even after the sun sets. A hygienic bathroom has been constructed for the visitors. Dustbins are available so that people don’t litter here and there and don’t throw them in the lake. Even drinking water is also available inside the complex.

There is a Safari Garden, Children’s Play Center with a lily pool inside the complex. 

The complex houses  Nazrul Mancha- the most prominent event venue. It has a large auditorium with a semi circular stage and having a seating capacity of 3000 people.

The open-air theater Mukta Mancha, also situated inside the complex.

Kolkata’s 1st stadium,“Rabindra Sarobar Stadium”, with audio visual facilities, established in the year 1950. It has a seating arrangement of 26000 people.

The “Pavilion Hall” joins the stadium with the complex. The oldest Rowing Club “Calcutta Rowing Club” along with “Bengal Rowing Club”, ”Lake Club”, “Calcutta University Rowing Club” all located inside the complex.

Rabindra Sarabor Lake, Kolkata
Rowing at Lake

Besides Kolkata’s oldest and most renowned swimming club “Indian Life Saving Society” (previously called “Anderson Club”) along with other swimming clubs including “Lake Friends” and “Calcutta Sports Association”, situated inside the complex.


The complex, surrounded by Southern Avenue to the North, Rashbehari to the West, Dhakuria to the East and Kolkata Suburban Railway to the south.


Rabindra sarobar
Autos and Buses available till Golpark.
Cabs are available.

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