Oursamyatra nominated for Liebster Award

Oursamyatra nominated for Liebster Award

So today’s post is not about any of our travel experiences. And also no writing about Oursamyatra. Today we like to let you know that Oursamyatra nominated for Liebster Award which is very exciting for us. For this, we like to say a big thank you to Prateek Goel, writer of “Roadaviator” for nominating us and we are obviously very grateful to receive it.

Liebster Award
Liebster Award

Telling about the blogger who nominated us:

Our heartiest thanks to “Prateek Goel”, famous as Roadaviator, a renowned Indian travel blogger who loves to write about his travel experience. The way he narrates his travel stories is very much interesting.
He is from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and loves to travel, clicking photographs and sharing his stories through Roadaviator for us.
Have a look at his blog “Roadaviator

Moreover, you can connect with him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
We would again thank him for nominating us for Liebster awards.

Brief about Liebster awards:

Liebster Award is given to bloggers by bloggers to show appreciation for their work and dedication they put into their blogs. Blogging is not only about writing whatever comes into our mind. It really needs hard work and has to spend many days and nights to write a proper interesting and informative blog.
There is no ranking of awards. So all the awards have its own value and importance.

My answers to the questions asked by Roadaviator:

Q1: Give us a short introduction to your blog?

Hi, we are Debabrati and Aniruddha. We love traveling together and enjoying every single moment of our journey. So we love to capture what we enjoy while traveling. We are foodies too. Additionally, we love to taste those special dishes wherever we travel. Our blog is basically based on the places we have visited in India. Hope you will love it.

Q2- What is your motivating factor or who is your inspiration factor to start your travel-blog?

Before our trips, we used to go through various blogs articles and videos to know much about that place. Those travel blogs gave us a sudden thought in our mind that why don’t we start our own travel blog for the travel addicts. Hence we started thinking to start our own blog…
So before starting, we made a quick surfing regarding travel blogs. Then one post came in front of us “Top 100 travel bloggers” nominated by Holidify. We went through most of the blogs and we really get motivated from all of their unique writing. So ultimately we took one step ahead to start our own blog.

Q3- What was your first ever trip in your life?

It was Vizag in Andhra Pradesh.

Q4- What was the unique experience you’ve ever had while traveling?

It was our camel ride at the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. My travel partner Debabrati first rode on the back of the camel and while I was about to sit, the camel suddenly stood up. I fell down from the top and she was hanging holding camel’s neck. The rider made the camel sit again, and we managed to sit this time properly. It was funny as well as the unique experience among all our trips.

Q5- What is the lesson you have learned from your travel experiences?

We have traveled many places in India and what attracted us the most was the lifestyle culture and tradition of those places. Moreover, we have learned their way of living wherever we travel and this always helps us to stay connected with those places.

Q6- How do you distribute (manage) your money while traveling?

We generally travel with our family since we are students. They actually make most of the investments. But our parents always give us the responsibility of planning a tour according to their budget. So we go to different blogs and travel agencies to take the advice of planning. According to that, we divide to make a balanced budget.
During our planning few things which we look after are — 

  1. The choice of routes should be as simple as possible along with the shortest route to manage more time and less traveling costs.
  2. Moreover, we always choose budget hotels without much luxury.
    We mostly use that money for other travel activities or make savings for future use.
Q7- What is your favorite destination?

Vizag. Especially the serene and beautiful Rushikonda Beach there.

Q8- What are the things without which you cannot think of traveling?

It depends on the destination. Other than Common dress luggage, the things without which we cannot think of traveling are Camera along with its Accessories, Water Bottles, Umbrella, Medicines, Documents & backup copies and most important hand sanitizer.

Q9- If you were given a million dollar cheque then how will you spend and which country will you visit?

Obviously, we would travel the whole world starting from our own motherland.

Q10- Any message to your readers?

Travelling is fun and we learn so many things from it. So whenever you are free just pack your bags and start traveling. Stay in touch with us. Read our blogs and give your own views. We would love to know more from you guys.

We would like to nominate…

Joshua Cdj : www.hermitscribe.wordpress.com
Sherab Tenzin : https://www.druktrails.com/
Vincent Pasmo : www.akvintourism.fr/blog
Denny George : https://thescrappytraveller.wordpress.com/
Conchita Flavia Ameera Isdiawan : helloconchita.com

One of our favorite travel blogger:

One of our favorite travel bloggers is Rangan Datta. His writings accompanied by his excellent photography always attract us. Moreover, his blogs named as Rangan Datta are mainly on our own state, which is West Bengal. We have discovered many amazing places here with the help of his writings. His way of portraying the places along with pictures guide us every time when we go for a trip. He is truly a major inspiration behind our writings. Not only West Bengal but also he even had great travel blogs in many places in India and outside India.

Our questions for you guys are:

Q1: Give us a short introduction to your blog?
Q2- What is your motivating factor or who is your inspiration factor to start your travel-blog?
Q3- What is your best travel tip?
Q4- What was the funny experience you’ve ever had while traveling?
Q5- How has traveling impacted your life?
Q6- How do you distribute (manage) your money while traveling?
Q7- What is your favorite travel quote?
Q8- What is the best memory that you have while traveling?
Q9- What is one place you haven’t been that is on the top of your bucket list?
Q10- What is your favorite travel quote?

Basic rules for accepting a Liebster award:

First, thank the person who nominated you and posts a link to their site on your blog.
Display the award on your blog – either by including it in a post or by displaying it on your home-page.
Write a 150 words post about your favorite blog (that is not your own).
Respond to the questions provided by the bloggers who nominated you for the award.
Nominate 5-10 other travel bloggers that you feel deserve the award.
Create a new list of questions for your nominees to answer.
List these rules in your post.
Inform the people/blogs that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post.
Feel amazing that your blog has won a new award and pass it on.

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  1. Hey that’s great to know! But how do we get nominated? Is there is process to get enrolled for that? Who nominted this? Please share!

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