Howrah Bridge – Iconic Bridge in India

Howrah Bridge – Iconic Bridge in India

Howrah Bridge, Rabindra Setu, Kolkata
Busy Time- Howrah Bridge

When anyone says Kolkata the first thing that will come to your mind is Howrah Bridge – Iconic Bridge in India. If you are traveling by train and your train stops at Howrah Station you have to cross India’s busiest cantilever bridge “Howrah Bridge”. You might get bored by the crowd and traffic jams on the bridge but you will experience the Kolkata’s pride that is the Howrah Bridge.  You will see street vendors on the bridge and even the stagnant vehicles giving horn frequently. But don’t lose patience because you are in Kolkata, the tireless metropolitan city.

The Howrah Bridge has a great cultural significance, footing proudly at the prime landmark in the city of joy, Kolkata.

Howrah Bridge, Rabindra Setu, Kolkata
Howrah Bridge from Howrah Station side of the river Calcutta (Kolkata) 1944

A Little history of the Howrah Bridge:

The construction of the bridge took 6 long years from 1936 to 1942. Finally, it was opened on 3rd of February 1943. The construction was done by Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company. The bridge is 705 m. long and constructed on the basis of Cantilever Suspension Design, made over the Hooghly River connecting Kolkata and Howrah.  It was constructed replacing a pontoon bridge which stood, or rather, floated at the site.

Howrah Bridge, Rabindra Setu, Kolkata
Construction of Howrah Bridge

It was named as New Howrah Bridge. Later on, it was renamed as “RABINDRA SETU” on 14th of June, 1965. But the bridge is popular as Howrah Bridge. Around 26500 tons of steel was used for the construction of the bridge where 23000 tons was supplied by Tata Steel.

Nowadays it is maintained by Kolkata Port Trust. It is the 6th longest cantilever bridge in the world. The bridge is used by at least 100000 vehicles and 150000 pedestrians regularly.  The bridge is basically connecting Howrah Station with Kolkata.

If you love to do street photography, then this the perfect place to hang out with your camera. 

Few interesting things about Rabindra Setu: 

  1. The illuminated Rabindra Setu proudly joins the list of famous lighted bridges of the world like the Tower Bridge, London, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, the Firth of Forth Bridge, Scotland 
  2. For the first time after the opening of the bridge, the first transport that crossed the bridge was not a car or a bullock cart, it was a tram.  
    Howrah Bridge, Rabindra Setu, Kolkata
    Howrah Bridge from Howrah side toward Calcutta 1944
  3. For the whole Howrah bridge project, 23000 tones of steels, supplied from Tata Steel Company.
  4. The Howrah Bridge may be the world’s busiest cantilever bridge. 
  5. The Howrah Bridge featured in numerous movies since the 1950s like Do Bigha Zameen, China Town, Amar Prem, Parineeta, The Namesake, Love Aaj Kal, Barfi, Gunday and many others.

The bridge is open 24 hours.

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