Hasta Shilpa Mela – Kolkata

Hasta Shilpa Mela – Kolkata

Before starting today’s blog one thing we would like to know from you, readers…In today’s world of machines, electricity and all, who wants to go back to that era when there were no machines for carving a stone or wood, no spray colors or different techniques to paint a canvas but had many unique ideas of creativity which even today astonish us. Hasta Shilpa Mela – Kolkata

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
View of Hasta Shilpa Mela

If you think we are in “a village” then you are partially wrong, actually, we are standing in a fair where villagers are portraying their artistic works. Now we think you might get our point. Here a variety of stalls is surrounding us, which is especially famous for the handicraft works from different villages around West Bengal.

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Handmade Wood Carving Statues

The name of this fair is “Hasta Shilpa Mela” meaning “The fair of Hand Made Arts and Crafts”.
Bengal has a rich centuries-old culture, whose handicrafts are famed across the country and even internationally.

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Various Items of Bamboo Sticks

The creativity what the village people have is mind-blowing. Making the statues of different gods in different postures by carving on the woods or stones by using only chisel and hammer, where one small mistake spoils the whole statue. Moreover painting different designs on the t-shirt, saree, kurta and even on the umbrella, glass bottle, kettle etc where a little color distortion ruins the art.

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Hand Made Designed Sharee

They are doing all these sitting in their respective stalls and if you wish you can see how attentively their hands shape up a normal wood or stone into different carving figures or how neatly their running hand enhance the colorful art design by a paint brush. We are standing for about half an hour to observe their beautiful hand skill. We are simply mesmerized by their patience and their graceful works. It gives our eyes a complete pleasure to look into their creativity. 

As this fair continues for almost 1 month so they all came with their families.

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Sawdust Art

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Owl Made of Wood

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Decorative Items from Bamboo

One thing which is also coming in front of our eyes in this fair, that not only the men but also the women hold a great part.


They are also involved in making different crafts like ornaments made of burnt soil, jute; artificial flower sticks, handmade products from Bamboo sticks, wall and door decoration, the mask of different states etc. Besides this, they also look after their small children. 

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Stone Carving Mask

Other than decorative things, there are many stalls for designed furniture like black wooden sofa set, rattan garden sofas, swings made of rattan and ropes of different designs, handmade soft toys etc along with Kantha stitch saris, junk jewelry, and artistic leather works, from Burdwan. Moreover, artistic work on thermocol and terracotta and hay wall hangings, and a variety of jute made bags to doormats from Murshidabad also made space in this fair. Price is also not so high and comparatively cheap.

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Hand Made Painting

Needless to mention, katum kutum, a kind of driftwood sculpture showcase “THE MAJESTIC BEAUTY OF DISCARDED TREE ROOTS & ITS BRANCHES” introduced by our great art exponent Abanindranath Tagore, from Birbhum is also a part of this fair.

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Artistic Lamp set


Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Colorful Hand Painted Umbrella

Also look out for the Karubhasha stall where the winners of the state-level handicraft competition will showcase their products.

 The fair is arranged and controlled by the West Bengal Government. 

After hopping for an hour or two, we were feeling little hungry. We noticed few food stalls mainly for fast foods, tea, coffee and cold drinks.  We had chicken cutlet and fish butter fry.

If you are in Kolkata or will be in Kolkata within 10th December, don’t miss this fair. You can shop a lot of handmade gifts for your dear and near persons. This is one of the biggest handicraft fairs in West Bengal and probably in India also. So hurry up….

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Clay Art Work

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair

Hasta Shilpa Mela, Fair, Kolkata Fair
Sofa set made of Rattan Stick


Location :

Adjoining ground of eco-park gate no 1, Rajarhat

In 2017 the fair will continue until 10th December 2017.


1 pm to 8.30pm


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