Daringbadi – Kashmir of Orissa (Odisha)

Daringbadi – Kashmir of Orissa (Odisha)

We started our journey from Gopalpur. Leaving behind the historical place Brahmapur we were heading towards through a never-ending greenery mountain path which took us upward in a circular way. Daringbadi – Kashmir of Orissa (Odisha)

Dashingbadi waterfalls, Daringbadi, Puri, Odisha, Kashmir of Odisha
Scenic view of Daringbadi

Today, our destination is Daringbadi, a hill station under Kandhamal district in Odisha state of eastern India. Popularly known as Kashmir of Orissa. It is almost 118km from Brahmapur railway station and 250 km from Puri.

This place has a marvelous combination of plateau and hill in one hand along with full of Pine, Sal and Mahua forest on the other hand.

As we move forward the color of the soil gets changed and the hills standing beside gets enlarged and welcomed us. The crowdedness of the weeds is found growing in between the big trees.

The place is still so empty and very few villages are found in the full stretch of Daringbadi road. The main source of earning of the people who are living here are either by farming or cattle. In our way, we notice quite a few number of times the village people in their lungi and a t-shirt along with a big conical bamboo hat on the head and rattan sticks in their hand. They are busy to take their cattle from one place to another.

Dashingbadi waterfalls, Daringbadi, Puri, Odisha, Kashmir of Odisha
Livelihood View of Daringbadi

Entering the village a unique feeling gets through our body. Leaving all the hustle bustle of our daily life far behind, here we are standing with an open arm to feel the cool breeze full of pure oxygen, continuously passing through our soul making us much more energetic.

Daringbadi ~ also known as the Native land of Tribals in British era.

Before coming to our explore the story, just as an information, good to know why this place, known as Daringbadi? (Are you curious, then read next paragraph).

In the time of British era, this place brought to light by the hand of a British officer, Dering and he named the village after his name Deringbari. But gradually over the time, it spelled as Daringbadi.

Dashingbadi waterfalls, Daringbadi, Puri, Odisha, Kashmir of Odisha
Natural Beauty of Daringbadi

Now lets come back to our travel story. One thing I forget to tell you that we got heavy rainfall in our whole journey to Daringbadi. But we were so much thankful to God that the climate favored us during our destination visit.

After continuous traveling through both smooth and rough roads for 2 and half hours within mild to heavy rainfall, we almost lost the hope and felt so sad that we couldn’t explore the majestic beauty of Daringbadi. But within next 15 min, our driver stopped the car and told us that we reached Daringbadi waterfall.

We felt so relieved and cherished the beauty all around. 


1st Destination – Dasingbadi waterfalls:

After getting out from the car a wild roaring sound of running water is coming in our ears and we get so avid. The sound gets echoed and made the whole surrounding so vivacious.

Dashingbadi waterfalls, Daringbadi, Puri, Odisha, Kashmir of Odisha
View of Dashingbadi waterfalls

The path for going downward is a bit difficult for aged persons. The path has the combination of both steps and slopes. Tourist department has already started development work since this place very newly came in the limelight of tourism.

After crossing approx 100 steps, our eyes get stuck to one of the most endearing phenomena of nature. The splendor of the

Dashingbadi waterfalls, Daringbadi, Puri, Odisha, Kashmir of Odisha
Dasingbadi Waterfalls

crystal clear water cascading down the crag and its thundering sound are mind-blowing. The sprinkle of cool water on the body has a miracle power to make the tourist both energetic and fresh. We are standing here with our eyes closed just to feel the pure nature within us.

The waterfalls are surrounded by different types of big trees and small flowering plants. We can identify some of them but most are wild plants.

Suddenly we discover that one particular strand of waterfalls is slightly reddish in color. For a second we thought it was sand water but later we got to know that this was the mixture of red soil and river stream which get connected with the waterfalls. The stream under the waterfalls is also turbid due to red soil.

After enjoying the beauty and taking some photographs we are coming up to start our journey along with one of the most beautiful experiences.

Our car wheels again started rolling and stopped to our next destination.


A Visual Retreat of Daringbadi ~ Kashmir of Odisha (Orissa)


2nd Destination – Lover’s Point :

Our next destination is Daringbadi lovers point. Our car took a turn and for the first time, we are on the off route. 

Dashingbadi waterfalls, Daringbadi, Puri, Odisha, Kashmir of Odisha
Scenery of Lover’s point

Driving in the red soil within the spine of two small Hills leaving behind the beautiful waterfalls, a rocky hurdle opened up its scenic view in front of us.

When we first heard the name we thought it is like any other places where lovers used to spend time. But here the name actually symbolize the Love Connection of nature with the living beings on the earth.

Dashingbadi waterfalls, Daringbadi, Puri, Odisha, Kashmir of Odisha
View of Lover’s Point

The bale and the balance of rocks and water along with the breezing sound of running water won’t disappoint you at all. In fact, we really love to stay there and enjoy the beauty of the place.

The water rolled out from the far mountains and dribbled in between the curvy paths of the rocks and slowly regain its pace as it goes forward. 

Dashingbadi waterfalls, Daringbadi, Puri, Odisha, Kashmir of Odisha
Lover’s Point View

Sometimes the water gets messed with the rocks and sometimes rocks made the path so that the stream can flow in peace. The adornment of big and small rocks helps the stream to keep the focus on its way. The lush greenery surrounds all around and makes the nature more full of life.

Dashingbadi waterfalls, Daringbadi, Puri, Odisha, Kashmir of Odisha
Beautiful View of Lover’s Point

We don’t know the name of the stream and from where it came. But by now we realize the name lovers point has a significant meaning.

We took some photographs of ours in between the beautiful nature and finally call our day an end. Later we are heading back to our hotel after a long day journey…


This is not the end of our Odisha travel story. Stay with us to read more…

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