Central Park – Banabitan

Central Park – Banabitan

Central park – Banabitan is the second largest open space in Kolkata after Maidan. It is also popular as “Banabitan-Biodiversity Park”. The public urban park is the favorite hangout destination for all age groups. The park appears to be “hexagonal shape” as it is fully surrounded by Keshtopur Khal.

Central Park, Kolkata, Amusement park,Lovers point
Banabitan Northern Entrance Gate

Central Park, Kolkata, Amusement park,Lovers point
Greenery Path

The central park will definitely fascinate you with its 
glory and charm. The lush greenery with fresh floral aura will provide you with ultimate relaxation and peace. The wonderful garden is constructed around a large lake. The lake is often surrounded by graceful migratory birds such as lesser whistling ducks, common moorhens, egrets, cormorants etc. If you are bird photographer then don’t miss the chance to capture them in your camera


There is a Boating Section also where you can enjoy boating with your closed ones. You will be mesmerized by many more lovely birds such as Black Drongo, Parakeets, White Throated Kingfisher, European Shags, Swamp Chicken, Red Breasted fly-catcher, Black Rumped Flameback, Common Mynah, Indian Pond Heron, Red-vented bulbul etc inside the park.

Central Park, Kolkata, Amusement park,Lovers point
Red-vented Bulbul.

The miniature forest is covered with trees and plants of different species. Additionally many small nice build wooden bridges are there to connect two grounds. It is so much fun to cross that bridges under which water is flowing like a narrow stream.

Central Park, Kolkata, Amusement park,Lovers point
Small Bridges of Central Park

So it’s also the best place for nature lovers to explore with wonder and curiosity. Moreover you will be finding many marigold flowers blooming together or ripe jamun fruits hanging from the highest point of the trees.

One of the major attraction of this garden is the fragrant lively “Rose Garden” where the aroma of those numerous roses are in one word breath-taking.

Another attraction here is the “Butterfly Garden”.

Central Park, Kolkata, Amusement park,Lovers point
Butterfly Garden

You will be mesmerized by multicolored butterflies here. They are busy flying here and there or collecting nectar from the flowers inside the garden. You will be observing Plain Tiger Butterfly, Great Eggfly, Blue Tiger Butterfly, Plains Cupid Butterfly here.


Besides the park is the popular destination for fitness freaks also. Many people are busy in jogging, exercising, walking from the early morning.

Furthermore the park is less polluted, full of fresh air and is called “Lungs of Salt Lake”. The park is maintained under the guidance of Nature Mates-Nature Club.

Central Park, Kolkata, Amusement park,Lovers point
Beautiful Resting place inside Central Park

After exploring the park when you will feel so much tired just take few steps on that stone pavements. You will find yourself standing in front of beautifully designed classic Japanese House, where you can take rest, eat snacks and can take some awesome photographs.

Central Park, Kolkata, Amusement park,Lovers point
Small Tree House

In your way you will notice a small beautiful Tree House in the lush greenery. Although it is closed but any one can go up by stairs and can click some funky photographs along with the Tree House.




5 A.M. – 5 P.M.
Visitors Charge – Rs 35 per head
Camera Charge – Rs 35

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  1. That small tree house is so adorable. The park is also beautiful. I’d like to visit it sometime when I have the chance.

  2. I love all of your beautiful photos!!! What a gorgeous place to visit someday!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  3. It looks so nice, I am a forest soul and always feel great surrounded by nature, somehow I always associated west Bengal with the Sunderbans, Banabitan park seems like a lovely surprise to me. Thank you so much, added to my list ❤

  4. This park is so beautiful and maintained. I loved seeing park that have tree house. This sounds like I want to visit next time.

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  6. Dear all,
    My self Sk Amir Ali , I love to do Angeling now a day’s am going Beleghata lake for angeling.
    I heard about your angeling passes it’s cost 600 rupee.
    So my question is when it will be open for fishing? Pls let me know so can book my tickets before
    Thank you team banabitan

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