Best Beaches in Goa for Parties

Best Beaches in Goa for Parties

Raise your hand if you have also been making a plan to visit Goa since your schooldays but somehow it always gets canceled. Well, Goa is always known as the country’s happiest tourist destination where we all want to go once in our life. And why not, the place has to offer something to everyone, from trance parties to simply basking under the sun, stay in luxury resorts, or simply experience living in the makeshift huts. Do anything but there’s one place where we all landed up in the end- the beach. No doubt, Goa is also famous for its number of splendid beaches where you can party till morning or just have a great night out. So, if anyhow you get settled with the plan to visit Goa make sure you’re visiting these best Beaches in Goa for parties.

Best Beaches in Goa for Parties, Places to visit in goa, goa tourism
Best Beaches in Goa for Parties

Baga Beach:

Best Beaches in Goa for Parties, Places to visit in goa, goa tourism
Party time at Baga Beach

Baga Beach is certainly the best beach of Goa to experience the stunning nightlife, top-notch seafood, and beach parties. The place is absolutely perfect for those who love being amidst a big crowd, drinking, dancing, to be at beach shacks that play good music, Baga Beach is the right option for them. Not to miss that there are some fantastic nightclubs on the Baga-Calangute Road, one must visit there. Some of the famous nightclubs around Baga Beach that one can try are Titos, Café Mambos, and the Cape Town Café. That’s not the end, you can even head towards the St. Anthony’s Beach Shack (on Tuesday) for an amazing karaoke night. Did you know that the beach is known for its huge and powerful sea waves, so make sure you get involved in a salt bath.

Anjuna Beach:

Here comes one of the great commercial beaches in Goa, which is also a perfect place to enjoy Goa’s party culture and trance music parties. Well, the beach is mainly known for its unusual rock formations, palm trees, and a huge expanse of sand. Not just this, but an amazing blend of beauty and liveliness of the beach, it makes the place preference of maximum tourists out there. Also, you can try out some trendy bars and chic beach shacks like Curlies and Shiva Valley. They offer you with excellent food drinks along the seashore.

Best Beaches in Goa for Parties, Places to visit in goa, goa tourism
Anjuna Beach

Do not think much and grab the chance to enjoy the wild rave parties. To get the best experience, you can try the very famous Nyex Beach Club in Anjuna. Besides this, you can visit the Wednesday Flea Market that offers you a wide range of quirky stuff and Goan apparels. If you want to check some unexplored places of goa, click here.

Ashvem Beach:

The Ashvem Beach situated south of the Arambol Beach is a perfect option for those who want a calm isolated beach in Goa and love to stay away from the maddening crowd. When at Ashvem Beach, you can expect a long belt of absolutely clear blue water and sand. At night, you can explore beautiful chic bars and beach shacks. Since the beach is mainly popular amongst foreigners, so you’ll only get to see a good crowd during the tourist season.

Best Beaches in Goa for Parties, Places to visit in goa, goa tourism
Ashvem Beach

Also, the place is home to petite Olive Ridley Turtles and if you visit the beach during the right time, you can have a look at the nesting grounds of these little creatures but make sure you do not disturb them. When at Ashvem Beach, you can indulge yourself in shopping, swimming, or simply let yourself soak under the sun. Though the beach is less popular still you can try the Marbella Beach Resort Lounge. You can have some drinks and enjoy a better evening out there.

Vagator Beach:

Yet another famous beach in Goa, Vagator Beach, known for its nightclubs and some iconic bars. Mark the name of the beach on your list because this red-cliffed beach is going to let you witness the lush green and mind-blowing beauty of the place. The reason why a number of people love being there is the long stretch of the beach where they can sit back and experience the natural beauty all around. Go on and try a range of alcoholic beverages.  Also, experience live music at Antares or you can have amazing Greek food at Thalassa.

Best Beaches in Goa for Parties, Places to visit in goa, goa tourism
Vagator Beach

When we were there, we stay at Miss Jenny Homestay. The best part about the Vagator Beach is that it is absolutely clean and serene like any other private beach in Goa. Do not miss the amazing rave culture at the beach. And do visit the popular Chapora Fort (the iconic ‘DilChahta Hai’ point). Also, after having your Greek meal you can head towards 9 Bar Nightclub and party till 5 in the morning.

Candolim Beach:

My list of best beaches in Goa for parties will remain incomplete if I won’t add Candolim Beach to it. Surely, one of the best beaches in Goa, Candolim Beach is famous for its scrubbed sand dunes. The beach is situated near Princess River. The best part about the place is its unspoiled rustic beauty and mesmerizing ambiance.

Best Beaches in Goa for Parties, Places to visit in goa, goa tourism
Candolim Beach

The beach definitely remains to buzz with a good crowd, thanks to a number of nightclubs on its way. It includes two of the best clubs namely Calamari and Love Passion Karma. Not just this, you can indulge yourself in the most fun activity out there. ‘Dive Goa’ that makes it one of the best reasons why people visit the place. You can even try out a few marvelous restaurants like Burmese restaurant Bomra reviewed as one of the best restaurant out there.

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Best Beaches in Goa for Parties, Places to visit in goa, goa tourism

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